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Suncoast Fresh is a owner-operated business, specialising in bringing the Farm to your door or table as Brisbane’s leading providore’s. The Suncoast Fresh Prodcast showcases the unique connections between providore’s and chefs, as well as the latest information on fruit and veg that’s in season.


Can mushrooms extracts enhance human potential? We'll let you be the judge! In Prodcast 52, we took a trip to Byron Bay to catch up with the co-founder of @lifecykel Julian Mitchell @julianmitchelllc

Life Cykel began in 2015 when Julian and his business partner Ryan Creed discovered that mushrooms could grow and thrive in urban environments with the help of agricultural waste like coffee grounds.  

Life Cykel has caught global attention, and with 107K followers on Instagram and an incredibly engaged community, we thought it was worth checking out.

Julian speaks about health, wellness, mushroom extracts like Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Reishi and Shiitake. The research and studies surrounding these mushrooms and the legitimacy, the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness, what life will be like in 200 years, UFC fighters, Olympic runners, steep learning curves in businesses, mushroom forages in Alaska, and so much more.

You know what to do, sit back, relax and enjoy! 

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June 5, 2021

EPISODE 51: Mal Meiers

Mal Meiers @malmeiers has travelled worldwide, perfecting his craft as a Chef, and in the process established 14 Food + Wine Pop-Ups across Europe with his beautiful wife Kate @katekettlekettle We enjoyed getting to know him in episode 51 on the Prodcast. We learnt about his Food For Thought Charity Dinners, which successfully raised awareness for mental health within the hospitality industry and beyond, his career, family life, challenges, achievements and what he's doing right now. Mal and his wife Kate and chef Tabitha Thomson @tabsthomson have teamed up to bring the Food + Wine Pop Up Events to Brisbane. We'll be attending their very first event this Sunday and we can't wait! You know what to do, put the kettle on and pour yourself a cuppa and tune in. If you're keen to learn more about the event check out their instagram for more details @foodwinepopup

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We've made it to episode 50, and oh, what a fantastic journey this has been so far! Today, we were lucky enough to sit down with Angela Pennefather @fuzzyangel and were blown away by her integrity, strength, enthusiasm, passion and grit. She has lived a life different from anyone we've featured on the Prodcast, and we've got to say, you're in for a treat! Ange is a Superyacht Agent, Melanesian Expedition Leader, Cultural Guide, Food Providor, Executive Chef and the owner of Pacific Provisions @pacific.provisions and Melanesian Luxury Yachts @melanesianyachts

We delve into how Ange runs her business with social consciousness and empowers families in the South Pacific through education and employment. We chat about how she has grown throughout her career and life, Melanesian culture, a few funny stories (one where a volcano erupted!), and a whole lot more. We sure know she will be back for part two as there is so much more we can chat and learn about. Crack a beer or pour a glass of wine. You know the drill, listen in and enjoy!

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Two beautiful babies and two highly successful businesses, all within a couple of years. What is the secret behind this balancing act?


We recently sat down for a chat with well-respected Chef Nathan Dunnell. @nathandunnell He and his wife Freya, own and manage @elskarestaurant - a fine dining restaurant located in New Farm, Brisbane, booked out for months in advance. 

A couple of years ago, he and Freya opened a breakfast cafe in Wilston. This was a short but sweet stint because before long, the couple were itching for more, and then the idea of Elska was born.

Opening one restaurant is hard enough, so launching another with a few babies thrown in the mix seems unimaginable. How did the dynamic duo do it? What does it take? Listen in to find out.

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Once upon a time, Mr Xinis washed his chef whites in a bathtub in Athens because he didn't have a washing machine. Now, he is back living in Australia, working as Executive Chef of Nostimo Restaurant and Bar in the Greek Club. Oh, and he has a washing machine now. It's crazy to think where we start to where we go! Life has a funny way of leading us on a journey and it's almost like the universe knows our destiny before we do. Alex's story is no different to this. In fact, as a baby, he was christened at the Greek Club. Can you believe that?!

Alex has a vast knowledge of traditional Greek Cuisine thanks to the influence of his mother and grandfather and his experience cooking throughout a range of different establishments, spending a lot of his time in Melbourne, where the largest Greek population live outside of Greece. 

We were fortunate enough to sit down with him and learn a little about it, plus enjoyed a delicious lunch at Nostimo. It's a must-do if you haven't already. Anyway, enough chat -  listen in and enjoy! 

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What would you do if you found over 350+ weed plants on your property? One morning that was exactly what Gerard Buchanan (Buck) found on his farm near Chillingham, New South Wales. Buck brought the farm when he was just 19 and since then has been growing all different types of tropical and native produce featuring things like Finger Limes, Lemon Aspen, Kaffir Limes and Leaves, Yuzu, Buddha's Hands, Davidson Plums, Lemon Myrtle, Strawberry Gum, Curry Leaves, Mangoes and Beatle Leaf, just to name a few. Buck's Farm is a stone throw away from Mount Warning - a historic volcano that erupted over 23 million years ago, leaving behind nutrient-dense, rich, red soil that grows the best produce you've ever tasted. We've been working with Buck for years now and are proud to represent his products as they're local, tasty, and Buck and his wife Anne genuinely do the right thing by the environment and wildlife within their area. Did Buck smoke it or chuck it? Listen in to find out and hear a few other cracking stories on the way. Enjoy! 

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April 23, 2021

Episode 46: Mark Labrooy

Mark Labrooy began cooking when he was only 16, and from that point, began perfecting his craft. Labrooy is among six entrepreneurs who manage and run the Three Blue Ducks, six cafes spread across Bronte, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Rosebery, Melbourne and Nimbo. Aside from cooking, Labrooy has many hobbies and, at one point, was among the top sixteen individuals in the country competing in motorbike racing. Other hobbies include snowboarding, spearfishing, surfing, diving and hunting. We go back to our roots and talk a lot about work-life balance, family, cooking over the fire, hunting and gathering and loads more. Listen in to find out what the motley crew of the Three Blue Ducks is up to next. You know what to do - sit back, relax and enjoy! 

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April 18, 2021

Episode 45: David Moyle

We were lucky enough to record a Prodcast with self-proclaimed punk hippy David Moyle @moyle_david. On his journey as a Chef to find beautifully wild produce, poultry, seafood and all the spices in between, David has lived in Tasmania, Melbourne and Byron Bay. David now resides in Byron Bay, managing and running Harvest and Barrio. In Episode 45, we speak about the hospitality industry, referencing motivation in the kitchen, structure, discipline, kitchen culture, sustainability, education and more. We have a few laughs and just a straight-up great chat. We know you're going to love this one. Crack a beer, sit back, listen in and enjoy.

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April 11, 2021

Episode 44: Daniel Mackay

Daniel Mackay is Managing Director of fourth-generation business Mackays Bananas. His grandfather originally started the first-ever banana farm in North Queensland back in 1945 on a small plot by the beach, and since then, it has gone from one success to the next. However, like all farms, they have dealt with their challenges. In today's Prodcast, we delve into how it all began for Mackay Bananas, the achievements, hardships, the growing and breeding processes,  and all the bits in between. We recorded this before the recent cyclone up in North Queensland, but you'll be glad to know that Daniel, his family and the farms made it through. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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April 1, 2021

Episode 43:Richard Mohan

We sat down with Richard Mohan, also known as 'the pepper dude', and it was an absolute joy. Richard is our primary supplier of peppers and grows 16 different varieties from all over the world. When we arrived at his farm on the Sunshine Coast, we were greeted by the whole family, including dogs, cows, cats and more. It was insanely beautiful, and although we were only an hour or so from Brisbane, it felt like we had just stepped into an entirely new place. It was lush green and super peaceful. Richard himself is an incredible guy. Someone we call a friend. It was lovely to sit down and talk about all things peppers and learn a little more about Richard's story. You know the drill! Sit back, relax and enjoy! 

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